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Products: AC/DC Electric Fence Chargers


AC/DC electric fence chargers can be really handy. That's because they can take power from either a regular AC 110-volt outlet or a 12-volt battery, preferably a deep-cycle battery of the sort used by boats and golf carts. They can also be powered by a small deep-cycle battery and a solar panel (see solar-powered electric fence chargers). 


All of our AC/DC electric fence chargers are listed on this page, starting with the strongest and proceeding to the weakest. Use the menu below to search for AC/DC electric fence chargers by brand.



AC/DC Electric Fence Chargers by Brand
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Speedrite 3000 Unigizer (3 Joules)
Prod. ID: 01-SPD-AD3J
Patriot P30 (3 Joule)
Prod. ID: 01-PAT-AD3J
Powerfields PF-AD-200C (2 Joules)
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-AD2J
Speedrite 2000 Unigizer (2 Joules)
Prod. ID: 01-SPD-AD2J
Patriot P10 (1 Joule)
Prod. ID: 01-PAT-AD1J
Powerfields PF-AD-100C (1 Joule)
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-AD1J

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