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Products: Ground Rods for Electric Fences


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Electric Fence Ground Rods

Ground rods are vital to electric fences. The electric fence will fail if the electric fence ground rod is not in reasonably good contact with moisture in the soil (or unless other arrangements are made for getting the charge back to the electric fence charger's ground terminal). For a portable electric fence on soil that is not bone dry, a 2-foot ground rod is perfectly adequate. But permanent electric fences generally include a 6 or 8 foot ground rod; and if the electric fence is long (over a quarter mile) one should use multiple ground rods, spacing them roughly a quarter-mile apart and connecting them with 14 or 12.5-gauge aluminum or galvanized steel wire. For electric fences that must cope with bone dry or frozen ground, alternate charged and uncharged conductors on the fence and connect the uncharged conductors to the charger's ground terminal. In any of these cases, consider installing one or more new ground rods every couple of years, because ground rods are subject to corrosion, and corrosion can interfere with passage of the charge.


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