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Making Gates up to 12 Feet Wide with Polytape

To make a gate with half-inch polytape, attach a pin-lock insulator 07-88 to each gate post and clip splicer plate 05-06 into it. Then attach handle plate 05-05 to the back of gate handle 05-03W. Finally, attach your tape to the splicer 05-06 on one side of the gate and to handle plate 05-05, and hook the gate handle into the other splicer 05-06 to span the gap.

To make a gate with 1.5 or 2-inch polytape, attach an appropriate insulator/splicer at both sides of the gate and use spring-loaded gate handle 05-09 to span the gap

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Making Gates up to 12 Feet Wide with Round Conductors

Attach product 05-08 (a versatile gate kit for wood posts, vinyl posts, or standard steel T-posts) or product 08-22 (for wood posts), or product 08-22A (for T-posts) to both gate posts. Pass both incoming runs of wire, polywire, or polyrope/braid through a side hole in the kit plate of 05-08 or through a ring of 08-22 or 08-22A and clamp with 08-12B. Do the same with one end of the length of conductor that will span the gate. Attach the other end of the gate-spanning conductor to the clamp on the back of handle 05-13 (or to clamp 05-05A secured to the back of any other Field Guardian gate handle) and hook the gate handle through the remaining plate hole in 05-08 or the remaining ring in 08-22 or 08-22A to close the gate.


Gate Handles and Rings

For those who want a wide choice of gate handles, here it is. The Field Guardian handles cost a little more but come with an internal spring mechanism that creates a little tension when the handle is hooked in, creating a snugger fit when you close the gate. We also offer metal rings to make the hooking of gate handles easier.

Gate Rings, Pack of 3
Prod. ID: 05-11


Insulated Undergate and Hookup Wire and Insulator Tubing

Insulated electric fence wire, whose insulation can contain up to 20 kilovolts, has several uses. Unlike ordinary extension cord (which cannot contain very high voltages) it can carry an electric fence charger’s output from the charger to the electric fence. It can also connect the electric fence charger’s ground terminal to one or more ground rods. It can carry an electric charge from the charged electric fence line to various components of electric fence gates. And since it can be buried underground, it can also carry the fence’s electric charge underneath an electric fence gate from one side of the gate to the other. Alternatively, any sort of metal electric fence wire (see previous page) can be threaded through a length of insulator tubing (product 02-85 below) and used as insulated undergate and hookup wire.

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This product is unavailable or out of stock.
This product is unavailable or out of stock.
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Wide Gates (Slinky, Bungee, Retractable Tape, and Drive-through) up to 24 Feet Wide

Gate-builders have applied lots of imagination to the problem of how to place a charged gate across a wide (12-foot-plus) span. Each of the gate kits listed here spans over 12 feet (up to 24 feet in one case) in one of several different ways. The "slinky" or "expando" gate (product 05-01A) uses a large galvanized steel spring; unlike the other gates shown below, these are not rated as safe for horses because of the chance that a horse could become entangled in the spring; the bungee-style gate (product 08-25A) uses a stretchable conductive cord and will span up to 20 feet; and the retractable polytape gate (product 08-26) provides a retractable reel of 1.5-inch polytape.

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