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Choosing an Electric Fence Conductor

Choosing the right electric fence conductor is critical. Wide polytape (typically 1.5  or 2 inches wide) makes the fence highly visible (important for horses) and also presents a limited physical barrier to frisky animals. However, wide polytape is vulnerable to wind damage. So, especially at blustery sites, many horse owners favor electric fence polyrope. That allows the electric fence posts to be spaced further apart (up to 40 feet if necessary) and ends the wind problem. And though it is less visible than wide polytape, polyrope is strong, far more visible than electric fence wire, and safe for horses.

These big conductors are fine for permanent electric fences but ill-suited to portable electric fences, because they are a pain to lug around, hard to take down, and harder still to put back up. So don't use them for temporary electric fencing pasture dividers, overnight paddocks, or portable corrals. Instead use half-inch polytape for these electric fences. Arrange things so that your horses will be contained by bigger fences outside the temporary electric fencing; or else, if you are setting up temporary paddocks or corrals with no backup fence, accustom your horse to the narrow tape fence ahead of time, and make sure it is not the sort of fiery steed requiring strong containment.

At the bottom of the horse containment ladder come polywire and metal wire. Don't use them on stand-alone electric fences, because polywire is marginally visible and weak, and metal wire is largely invisible to horses and can seriously injure a horse that runs into it. Instead, use these products to keep horses from leaning or chewing on a barrier fence.

Finally, don't forget the insulated hookup wire needed to connect AC-powered chargers to their electric fences, and also to carry charges under gates. Ordinary power cord can't do this because it cannot contain the high voltage created by the charger. But undergate and hookup wire is designed for this job and does it well.



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