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Lightning Protection

Lightning poses a threat to electric fence chargers, mostly because the spread-out electric fence wires are vulnerable to lightning strikes, and a struck wire is likely to conduct a huge jolt of electricity right into the electric fence charger, where a good deal of it may pass through before blowing the fuse and may damage delicate charger mechanisms. The devices below can help counter this problem. Two of them (Products 01-35 and 01-36B) combine a lightning choke and lightning diverter in one piece of gear. Lightning chokes send the huge charge through parallel runs of metal where it generates magnetic fields that interfere with its own passage and choke it off. Lightning diverters offer the charge an easier path to the ground than that afforded by the charger and its connections. Fuse-holding plugs and fuses (Products 01-21 and 01-20) prevent power surges coming through a charger's house current connection from damaging the charger.

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