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Electric Fence Options






Electric horse fences do many jobs. In some cases an electric fence may merely run along an existing barrier fence to keep horses from chewing or leaning on the barrier fence. In other cases the electric fence may serve as a permanent horse fence that replaces the barrier fence with firmly anchored posts and multiple runs of highly visible electric fence polyconductor. Between these variations come other types: Portable paddock or corral electric fences for camping trips or horse shows; and movable pasture electric fences to regulate grazing, subdivide pastures, separate horses, or keep horses away from hazards. The portable paddock/corral electric fences are light and compact, while both these and the movable pasture electric fences can be installed and taken up quickly.

For those interested in building horse fences of  these types we offer a wide range of electric fence components in our Products section. The pages that follow describe a number of basic options for selecting these components.