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specialized horse fence kits: movable pasture fences and portable fences for shows, trail rides, and camping

Movable Pasture Kits for Controlled Grazing
Portable Kits for Shows, Trail Rides, and Camping
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Movable Pasture Kits

These solar-powered electric fence kits come in lengths of 250 and 500 feet, but they can be cut back to any length desired. We also provide extender kits that can be used to extend the basic kits by increments of 250 and 500 feet. Use these horse fence kits to create electric fences defining pastures, controlling grazing, separating horses, making horse-catching easier, or keeping horses away from hazards. (For more information on these kits, see the description of each kit below.)


Portable Paddock/Corral Kits

Made to carry in a horse trailer or on an overnight trail ride, these portable 40 x 40 or 80 x 80 foot electric fence kits are affordable, compact, and easy to install. Each kit includes a gate and a 0.25 joule electric fence charger powered by 4 flashlight batteries.