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Introduction: Kits and Other Choices
Kits for Building Permanent Horse Fences
Movable Pasture Kits for Controlled Grazing
Portable Kits for Shows, Trail Rides, and Camping
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Introduction: Our Kits and Other Choices

Anyone who wants an electric horse fence but doesn't want to design it from scratch will find our kits useful. We offer three kinds of kits: (1) partial kits for permanent or semi-permanent electric horse fences with anywhere from two to six runs of polyrope; (2) movable pasture kits with step-in posts that are used mostly for controlled grazing; and (3) portable paddock and corral kits for horse shows, camping trips, and trail rides.

For those who may not want kits, we offer three other options: free quotes, guidance for creating your own fence, and the best electric horse fence catalog store on the web. So, if you want a quote and detailed parts list including everything we think you'll need, go to our Quotes section, fill out a short form, and submit the form. We'll respond promptly. Or, if you're more adventurous, go to our Create Your Own Electric Fence pages and use one of our step-by-step guides to assemble your fence parts. Or else, if you're already familiar with electric fences or just want a few parts, go right to our bargain-priced user-friendly Catalog Store to get the parts you need.

If you're still here (we hope you are) we've got some really good kits. Everything you need for a permanent/semi-permanent electric horse fence mounted on wood posts or T-posts will be found on this page. For movable pasture kits, portable paddock/corral kits, or protective electric fences mounted on existing barrier fences visit these pages:

Movable pasture fence kits
Portable paddock/corral fence kits
Protective electric horse fences

Our Permanent/Semi-permanent Electric Horse Fence Kits

These kits are partial, but they provide all the tricky parts (conductors, insulators, connectors, tensioning springs, etc.) needed to build a 4 or 5 foot electric horse fence mounted on wood posts or studded steel T-posts. Sold in 200-foot lengths, they can be strung together to reach any desired length up to 3 miles.

These kits don't include posts, because wood posts and T-posts are easy and cost-effective to get locally. Nor do they include chargers, ground rods, hookup wire, or optional accessories. That's because the number and type of such products needed will depend on the length of your fence and other circumstances. Therefore, we provide these items separately just below the kits, together with guidance on their selection.

Each kit comes with 2 to 6 runs of polyrope, and each is designed for mounting on T-posts or wood posts spaced 25 feet apart. Some kits can go longer distances if the spacing between posts is increased. For more on this and to see the specific parts included in any given kit, click on that kit's photo or description.

Kits for Mounting on Wood Posts


Kits for Mounting on T-posts

Essential Kit Parts: Chargers

Here we list some good chargers with three strengths and power sources (0.5, 1, and 2-3 joules; AC, battery, and solar-powered). For a wider selection and stronger chargers see our catalog (charger) pages.

AC-powered Chargers

Charger: AC-powered: Powerfields PF-AC-100; 1 Joule
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-AC1J
Our Prices:
1 $83.49
2+ $79.49

 Battery-powered Chargers

Charger: Battery-powered: Powerfields PF-DC-100B; 1 Joule
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-B1J
Our Prices:
1 $96.49
2+ $93.49
Charger: Battery-powered: Powerfields PF-DC-200B: 2 Joules
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-B2J
Our Prices:
1 $129.99
2+ $122.99

Solar-powered Chargers

Charger: Solar-powered System, 1 Joule with Battery and Case (McGregor)
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-S1JPLUS
Our Prices:
1 $459.99
2+ $429.99
Charger: Solar-powered System, 2 Joules with Battery and Case (McGregor)
Prod. ID: 01-PWR-S2JPLUS
Our Prices:
1 $579.99
2+ $549.99

Essential Kit Parts: Gates

Plan on defining your gate opening with wood posts or T-posts. If the gate is narrow (6 feet wide or less) get 1 small gate kit (product 05-08), 1 gate handle (product 05-14), and two polyrope crimps for each run of polyrope. (The small gate kit can be used with either wood or T-posts). If the gate is wider (up to 20 feet) and you plan to have wooden gate posts, get 1 bungee gate for wood posts (product 08-25A) and 1 polyrope crimp for each run of polyrope. Or else, if your wide gate will use T-posts as its gate posts, get 1 bungee gate for wood and T-posts (product 08-25) and 1 polyrope crimp for each run of polyrope. If you want more than one gate, multiply these supplies by the number of gates.

Gate Gear: Gate Kit for Wood and T-Posts (Dare)
Prod. ID: 05-08
Our Prices:
1 $5.49
2+ $5.24
Gate, Wide Bungee-Style Gate for Wood Posts
Prod. ID: 08-25A
Our Prices:
1 $20.99
2+ $19.99
Gate Handle: Black with Spring Mechanism
Prod. ID: 05-14
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $2.89
5+ $2.49


Essential Kit Parts: Hookup Wire

Get enough of this heavily insulated wire (outdoor power cord won't work) to do the following: (1) if you are using an AC-powered charger, to reach from your AC outlet to the fence; (2) to go under all your gates; (3) if your fence has two or more separate sections, to connect all of those sections; and (4) to connect all the runs of polyrope on the fence. If you need more than 164 feet of hookup wire, see longer spools in our catalog (hookup wire page) 

Conductor: Insulated Hookup Wire, 50ft
Prod. ID: 02-28
Our Prices:
1 $11.49
2+ $10.99
Conductor: Insulated Hookup Wire, 164 ft. (Baygard)
Prod. ID: 02-29
Our Prices:
1 $32.99
2+ $30.99


Essential Kit Parts: Springs, Corner Knobs and Crimps for Isolated Fence Sections:

If  the fence provided by one kit has two or more separate sections isolated from the rest of the fence by a gate or structure, each section beyond the first will need its own set of terminators and tensioners. So for each run of polyrope on this additional section get two tightening springs, two corner knob (or wheel) insulators, and three crimps. Do the same for each additional isolated section if there are three or more.

Connector (Tensioner): Spring for Tightening Polyrope and Wire (Pack of 2)
Prod. ID: 08-09-2
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $10.95
5 - 9 $10.45
10+ $9.85
Connector (Tensioner): Spring for Tightening Polyrope and Wire (Pack of 3)
Prod. ID: 08-09-3
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $14.95
5 - 9 $14.35
10+ $13.65


Essential Kit Parts: Ground Rods

If there is usually moisture in the ground and the fence will be within 200 feet of the ground rod, get the little 2-foot ground rod that comes with its own attachment nuts. If parts of the fence will be farther away, get the 6-foot ground rod and clamp. If parts of the fence will be over a quarter-mile (1,320 feet) away from the initial ground rod, plan on adding additional 6-foot ground rods every 1,320 feet and connecting them together with one of the polyropes on the fence. This polyrope should not be charged but instead should be entirely dedicated to connecting all the ground rods.

Ground rod, 6ft x 5/8 in, galvanized steel
Prod. ID: 06-02
Our Prices:
1 $25.39
2+ $21.39


Kit Accessories: Manual Post Driver

If you are using metal posts, drive your posts into the ground with our manual post driver. Simply slide the driver's open end over one end of your post, and put the post's other end where you want it to enter the ground. Then raise the post driver a bit, and let it drop. This will typically drive the post several inches into the ground. Repeat the process until the post is at the desired depth. Here's a safety tip: In general the post driver is very safe. However, if someone is assisting by holding the post as it is driven, be sure their hands are out of reach of the descending driver, because the driver can seriously damage hands. 


Kit Accessories: Reels and Storage Spools

The reel shown here (product 01-40) is very useful for dispensing polyrope and can hold up to 500 feet. If you plan to take down and store the polyrope on your fence from time to time, storage reels (product 01-41), which likewise hold 500 feet each, can do that job.

Fence Accessories: Reels: Spool for Large Reel, single unit
Prod. ID: 01-41
Our Prices:
1 $19.29
2+ $18.39

Kit Accessories: Warning Signs

It's polite to put a warning sign anywhere strangers are likely to come in contact with the fence. Some states require them.

Warning Signs, pack of 3
Prod. ID: 10-01
Our Prices:
1 $3.39
2+ $3.19

Kit Accessories: Fence Testers

Get one of these so that you can troubleshoot any fence problems that might arise.

Testers: Electric Fence Tester, Dare, Five-lite
Prod. ID: 04-02
Our Prices:
1 $11.69
2+ $11.10
Testers: Electric Fence Tester, 8-Lite, single unit
Prod. ID: 04-04A
Our Prices:
1 $13.49
2+ $12.89



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