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Videos for Electric Fence Installation

We provide a generic set of videos for installing all sorts of electric fence. These videos include all the information one needs to install almost any type of effective electric horse fence.

To view these videos, click on any of the links below, or click on the Video Channel picture to begin playing the videos in sequence.:

Basic Videos:

      1. Installing a Fence Charger (2 minutes)
      2. Installing Fence Posts (4 minutes)
      3. Installing Fence Insulators (3 minutes)
      4. Installing Fence Conductors (6 minutes)

Other Videos:

      5. Installing Fence Gates (6 minutes)
      6. Installing a Ground System (2 minutes)
      7.  Installing Fence Connectors (2 minutes)
      8. Testing Your Fence (1 minute)
      9. Troubleshooting Your Electric Fence (3 minutes)
      11. Electric Fence Accessories (3 minutes)


McGregor Electric Fence Video Channel

Playlist: All the McGregor Electric Fence Installation Videos