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Who We Are:

The Horse Fence Store (a website of the McGregor Fence Company LLC) is an internet catalog store offering hundreds of horse-related electric fence products. Use the handy menu at the left to browse our inventory of supplies for electric fences, or use the lower part of this menu (especially the installation videos) to learn about electric fences for horses and how to install them.


We Pledge You:

  • A Large Inventory
  • Low Prices
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Sound Guidance
  • Satisfaction


What Would You Like to Do?

We pride ourselves on offering many choices. Besides a lot of carefully selected electric fencing products, we offer electric fence kits and a lot of information-including short, sound, and effective installation videos, a page on how an electric fence works, and a guide on how to select electric fence parts.

If you already know what you want and are not highly horse-oriented, visit our discount electric fence store, which offers discounts on volume purchases. Or else, if you would like to explore fences for deer (electric fences), bears, dogs, cats, gardens (small animals), or gardens (all animals), click on the appropriate link to visit a site dedicated to those products. Or if you wish to explore barrier deer fencing, click here to visit our large barrier deer fence website--generally considered the best and most informative in the trade.