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We are preparing to change warehouses, and accordingly have put most of our products on sale at clearance prices. Browse our site and take advantage of these incredible sale prices while they last. Act now. You are unlikely to see prices this low again in your lifetime.


Our Catalog: 

If you're looking for electric fence parts you've come to the right place. Our user-friendly bargain store with volume discounts is the best site on the web for electric horse fence products.


Free Quotes:

Want a detailed quote with no super-salesmanship listing everything we think you'll need? Just fill out one of our short quote forms to describe your plans and submit it. We'll respond promptly.

Build-It-Yourself Guide:

Create your own fence using our parts buying guide.


Information Pages: 

If you're not highly familiar with electric horse fences, review the basics by browsing the following pages:

  • How an Electric Fence Works:  This brief (one-page) account explains how an electric fence works in plain English. Anyone interested in electric fences who doesn't really understand how they work should read it.
  • Horse Fence Options: A description of electric horse fences that separates them into basic types based on the jobs they do and what's needed to set them up.
  • Electric Horse Fence Parts: This section describes all the major components of electric horse fences, what their principal variations are, and how to select them for the kind of fence involved.
  • Installation Videos: View these videos to get a brief soup-to-nuts account of electric fence installation.
  • Installation Pointers: These pages provide written pointers that should be helpful to anyone installing  an electric horse fence.
  • Installation Instructions: Review both kit and general installation instructions for electric horse fences by going to our installation instructions page and selecting the specific instructions that you want.


Our Product Pages:

Use these catalog pages to order electric fence parts in the following categories:

  • Electric Fence Chargers: A large array of AC, AC/DC, Battery, and Solar-powered electric fence chargers, over 60 in all.
  • Charger Accessories: Solar panels, batteries, a battery case, battery rechargers, and lightning protectors.
  • Other Accessories: Reels for polyconductors, electric switches, and a weed burden protector (power drain limiter).
  • Conductors: Polytapes in various widths, polyrope, polywire, bare metal wire, and electric fence hookup wire.
  • Connectors: Electrical connectors, plus a wide variety of splicers, joiners, tensioners, and clamps.
  • Gate Gear: Bungee and other wide gates able to span up to 20 feet; plus gate anchors, gate handles, gate rings, and insulators suited to serving as gate parts.
  • Grounding Gear: Ground rods and clamps.
  • High-tensile Gear: Parts needed to put a galvanized steel electric fence wire under tension.
  • Insulators: A large collection of roughly 100 insulator varieties for all kinds of posts and conductors.
  • Posts: A wide array of fiberglass posts, plus step-in posts and steel U-posts suited to electric fences.
  • Testers: A good selection of electric fence testers (voltage readers), plus a night light for electric fences and a directional electric fence fault finder.
  • Warning Signs: Signs to advise people of the fence so they won't be surprised.


More Generally, We Pledge You:

  • A Large Inventory
  • Low Prices
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Sound Guidance
  • Satisfaction


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