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Create an Electric Fence protecting other fences-- Page 1: Introduction, Chargers, hookup wire

Page 1 - Introduction, Chargers, Hookup Wire
Page 2 - Polywire, Polyrope, Insulators, Connectors
Page 3 - Ground Rods, Accessories, Installation Instructions, Purchase  



Create a Protective Electric Horse Fence Mounted on another Fence

These protective electric fences can have lots of purposes, but three stand out. Namely, they can keep horses from chewing or leaning on a fence; they can limit contact between horses on opposite sides of a fence; and they can keep horses away from hazardous products on a fence like wire or especially barbed wire.



To gather the parts for a protective electric fence, use the step-by-step guide on these pages to place appropriate items in your shopping cart. Then, if you need to plan further, copy the shopping cart into Microsoft Word; or, more directly, if you are ready to buy a fence, use what you have done to make a purchase.


Electric Fence Chargers

You'll only need a modest charger (half a joule or less) so long as the fence is short (less than half a mile) and all the charged conductors are well off the ground and out of range of weeds.

AC-powered Chargers:

These use very little power, cost less than solar-powered chargers, and don't require frequent battery recharging. Plug them into the nearest suitable AC outlet and connect them to the fence with undergate and hookup wire. This hookup wire (see below) can  run safely above or just below ground and needs no electrician to install.

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Battery-powered Chargers:

If you're getting one of these chargers get two 12-volt batteries -- so that one can be recharged while the other is in place and working. Make sure they are deep cycle (boat or golf cart stye) rather than car batteries, and figure on being able to run about 0.5 joules of output with a 30 amp/hour battery for about a month before the battery needs to be recharged (see batteries below).

Charger: Battery-powered: Patriot PBX-50; 0.5 Joules
Prod. ID: 01-PAT-B.5J
Our Prices:
1 $75.49
2+ $71.49

Solar-powered Chargers:

These are more expensive but use no house current and require no bothersome recharging.

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This product is unavailable or out of stock.


Batteries, Battery Case, and Battery Recharger


Undergate and Hookup Wire

Unlike an ordinary extension cord, this heavily insulated wire can contain and carry an electric fence charger's high-voltage output from the charger to the fence. If you are using an AC-powered charger, you will need enough to reach from the charger (plugged into the nearest convenient AC outlet). Also use short lengths of it to to carry the charge under gates, to connect up charged conductors on gates, and to connect up multiple charged conductors if the fence has more than one. In most cases a 50 or 164-foot roll will be plenty. In the unlikely event that you need a longer length see the hookup wire pages in our catalog.

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This product is unavailable or out of stock.




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