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Create a PORTABLE PADDOCK OR CORRAL - Page 2: Connectors, Gates, and ground rods

Page 1: Introduction, Chargers, Posts, and Conductors
Page 2: Connectors, Gates, and Ground Rods
Page 3: Accessories, Installation Instructions, and Purchase





The connectors listed below are those needed to create a standard portable horse fence. For a much larger selection see the tensioners, clamps, and connectors section of our horse fence catalog.

Charger to polytape connector

Put your charger and ground rod just outside the fence and use this connector to join the charger's positive terminal to the half-inch polytape on the fence.

This product is unavailable or out of stock.

Half-inch polytape splicers

You'll need one splicing buckle to anchor your polytape to the post at one side of your gate. You shouldn't need any more, because after running the polytape from this gate post all around the fence and coming back to the gate, you can terminate the tape at the back of your gate handle, which comes with a splicing buckle.In the unlikely event that you need to splice two lengths of polytape together you may need another buckle. The buckles listed below come in packs of three.

Half-inch polytape tightener

Should you need to tighten the polytape on your fence, have a few of these handy. They come in packs of five. They're a bit cumbersome but they work.



Gate Gear

Get one gate handle for the single run of polytape on your gate. The handle offered here comes with a buckle at the back for holding the polytape. You may find that the handle hooks into one or another of the hangers in the step-in post on the other side of the gate; but if you want to be sure, get a pack of gate rings. Then you can tie the polytape to a ring, hang the ring on the post, and hook the gate handle through it.

Gate Rings, Pack of 3
Prod. ID: 05-11



Ground Rod

The little 2-foot ground rod listed below comes with two attachment nuts, but you may not need them. If your charger is one of those that can be mounted on the rod, remove the nuts, insert the rod about 1 foot into the ground, and strap your charger to it with attachment gear included with the charger. In the event that you use some other charger, keep the nuts and use them to anchor a wire at the top of the rod that will run to the charger's ground terminal.Should you have dry or frozen ground to deal with, try getting three of these rods, setting them about 10 feet apart, and wiring them together. Should you need a longer ground rod or a clamp (gear not recommended for use with portable fences) you can find these in our catalog's ground rods page.

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