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Create a PORTABLE PADDOCK OR CORRAL - Page 1: Introduction, Chargers, Posts, Conductors

Page 1: Introduction, Chargers, Posts, and Conductors
Page 2: Connectors, Gates, and Ground Rods
Page 3: Accessories, Installation Instructions, Purchase  


Guide to Creating a Portable Paddock or Corral for Horse Shows, Trail Rides, or Camping Trips: Introduction

These highly portable fences use step-in posts, half-inch polytape, and battery-powered chargers to permit quick setup and easy movement from one place to another. Use them at horse shows, for trail rides, and on camping trips where other fences are not readily available.

Parts for a Portable Paddock or Corral

To gather the parts for a portable paddock/corral fence, use the step-by-step guide on this page to place appropriate items in your shopping cart. Then, if you need to plan further, copy the shopping cart into Microsoft Word; or, more directly, if you are ready to buy a fence, use what you have done to make a purchase.

Electric Fence Chargers

The best chargers for portable fences are battery-powered chargers that are small and compact, strap right onto a ground rod, operate off flashlight batteries, and produce an effective but low-key shock. The chargers listed here have these features. For stronger chargers and a wider selection of chargers see the electric fence chargers section in our catalog.

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This product is unavailable or out of stock.

Step-in Posts and Pegs

The distance between electric horse fence posts in a portable fence typically ranges from 20 to 40 feet. Use step-in posts, which are light to carry, are quick and easy to insert, and carry their own conductor hangers--so there's no need to fiddle with insulators. A drawback of step-in posts is that they tilt at corners, gates, and ends. Counter this by attaching tent pegs with twine or cord to appropriate corner, gate, and end posts, keeping the distance between the peg and corner posts short in order to minimize any tripping hazard.

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Conductor: Half-inch Polytape

The best conductor for portable horse fences is half-inch polytape, because of its light weight, ease of transport, ease of setup, and visibility to horses.Those who want longer lengths or polytape than those listed here, or who prefer polyrope or other conductors, can find them in our catalog's conductor pages. Portable fences generally use a single run of polytape, so you only need enough to go once around your fence, even though it typically comes in longer lengths. Happily, it's affordable.

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