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  • Conductor: Insulated Hookup Wire, 1,000 ft. (Baygard)

    Conductor: Insulated Hookup Wire, 1,000 ft. (Baygard)
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    • One 1,000-foot spool with a 12-gauge galvanized steel core wire. Useful where very long runs of hookup wire are needed, or where hookup wire is frequently called for. Insulated undergate and hookup wire is required to contain the high voltages put out by electric fence chargers. For use anytime a charged electric fence wire needs to run underground or come in contact with anything that is not insulated. Typical uses: hooking up the charger to the fence, going under gates, connecting separate runs of fence. This wire's insulation will contain up to 20,000 volts (20 kilovolts).  (Baygard)